Celebrate Success

Now that the plan is adopted and approved, the work is just beginning. But first, it’s time to celebrate! Publicize the adoption and approval of the plan. Consider getting the word out using multiple methods, such as the following:

  • Post a notice on the community’s website
  • Issue a press release on plan adoption and approval to local media outlets
  • Distribute notices of approval to stakeholders
  • Announce the first project(s) to be initiated
  • Propose a congratulatory resolution or achievement award for the planning team (or specific individuals) for their successful work and commitment to making the community safer

These and similar steps are easy to complete, are inexpensive, and will keep the plan at the forefront of people’s minds, helping to build momentum as you move into implementation. Task 9 provides recommendations for implementing your mitigation strategy to reduce risk and strengthen your community’s resilience to future disasters.