Coordinating a Multi Jurisdictional Outreach Strategy

If you are developing a multi-jurisdictional plan, the outreach strategy creates a mechanism for coordination and accountability among the jurisdictions. For each jurisdiction seeking plan approval, the plan must document how they were involved in the planning process, including how they provided opportunities for the involvement of their stakeholders and the public.

Specific stakeholders may be identified for each participating jurisdiction, and public involvement activities should be designed to reach citizens throughout the planning area. The planning team may develop one set of outreach materials, which each jurisdiction is responsible for distributing or hosting to reach their stakeholders and citizens. Another good approach is to develop one presentation, or a series of presentations on the plan’s progress, that jurisdictional representatives can deliver at a regularly scheduled open meeting of their city council or governing body. This is a good method to keep elected officials informed of the planning project and to give the public an opportunity to be informed and provide comments.